Future of Sound/Light. April 2009. Dark Studio, Arnolfini, Bristol.

CHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHC (Ch/3+4=H?c) , Arnolfini 2009
With CHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHCHC (Ch/3+4=H c) heat becomes a feverish multi-sensory encounter. Light is distorted with heat to create an hallucinatory plain of thermal ripples. The singing of live crickets fills ones head and as the temperature rises the song grows in intensity, acting as an audio-thermometer: (Ch) = No. of chirps in 25sec, (H c) = heat in degrees C. CHCHCHCH…is an absorbing sound and light installation that explores the complimentary relationships between observation and imagination, the physical and the ethereal, energy and entropy. Sonic sculptor V.I created analogue synth sound design of random rhythms, tones and drones.
Slide Projection, Convector Heaters, Aquarium, PA , Live Crickets etc.