Exchange – Inbetween Time Festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2010

Two participants wear belts that fit around the diaphragm. Moving into the installation space they’re aware that their breathing patterns are controlling the intensity two sets of lights. The participants become both the performers and the audience, communicating by respiration.

This work plays with seemingly contrary qualities; darkness defines light, subjective experience informs public observation,the sublime and ridiculous are entwined.Exchange explores a sense of stretch as the tension between physical sensations and external stimulation are expanded and amplified.

Exchange was developed with the support of Rules & Regs, Abandon Normal Devices Festival and The Bluecoat. With thanks to Jessica Rolls and the engineers David McGoran, James Ashwell and Sarah Keates without whom the work would not be possible.
The Arnolfini / Bush House 2nd-4th December 2010.