2 x Episcope projectors approx 2m high, projected image approx 3m wide

A projected image is created from two matt black MDF projectors mounted on tall monolith-like stands. One of the episcope contains an 18th Century porcelain cup that has been smashed and crudely repaired with staples around 100 years ago, the other a BMW Mini headlight. The objects rotate slowly in opposite directions.

For the works T.K.M and Apparition I used items from the collection of my late father. Using these personal items and antique objects opened up new themes that augmented those of previous works. Where as past works explored relationships between the temporal and the transcendent, the physically mundane and the virtual, these works also speak of layers of time, the entanglement of cultures, permanence, loss and memory. I like to explore the tension between the seemingly perfect surfaces of an object, its materiality and the inevitability of damage, wear, obsolescence and entropy.