Screen was a new commission for ‘Small World Fair’ the inaugral DEC(Digital Exploration Centre) exhibition at Metal’s Chalkwell Hall, Southend-on-Sea.

For Screen Rod Maclachlan playfully employs an archaic projection technique to respond to qualities of ‘the digital’. The nature of digital processes results in the perfect, seductive surfaces of images and products with no sign of origin. Once transformed into projections, these consumer objects are reduced to a reflection of light and once more become magically detached.

‘All that was once directly lived has become mere representation.’ (Guy Debord)


The glass walled extension to Chalkwell Hall was divided along it’s length by a long stud wall. One side was viewable internally through glazed doors and also from seen from the park through a glazed wall. On this side bright spotlights illuminated a rotating Mac Magic Mouse, a turning Nespresso Capsule and a gently oscillating LCD screen. Lenses fitted in the stud wall focused the reflected light from these objects to create a triptych of projections seen from outside.

Materials: Lenses, Motors, Nespresso capsule, Apple Mouse, LCD Screen, Discharge lamps etc.